LYYN technology enhances visibility in real-time in fog, dust, lowlight, snow, smoke, subsea, etc. LYYN works on images and video from normal color cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material.

You can find LYYN products in many different applications. The common denominator being the need for enhanced real-time visibility. The main markets are the SubSea and the Security & Surveillance Industries.


SubSea Inspection

LYYN provides real-time enhanced visibility to remote operations, shortening operation times and increasing quality of inspections and documentation. LYYN pushes the boundaries of underwater video usage.

Commercial diving

LYYN technology comes as stand-alone products that connect directly into the divers video feed. Just plug LYYN into your topside monitor and the diving supervisor and client will have a better view in real-time.

Security & Surveillance

Better decision making in situations with low visibility caused by low light or other visual disturbances like fog, rain, snow or dust

Traffic management

Driving down the cost and raising the quality of transportation, today

Maritime & Harbor Security

The marine environment is particularly harsh and unfriendly to remote monitoring. Fog, haze, rain and snow are common and usually the object you need to identify is distant.


Video finds many applications in the Airport and Aviation industries. LYYN® contributes to the operations, safety and security of the industry.

SubSea Cases

Security & Surveillance Cases


LYYN develop and market plug-and-play products for real-time video enhancement

LYYN Hawk Portable for simple upgrade of existing video systems

LYYN Hawk Boardfor integration into other manufacturers products

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