A known problem inherent in surveillance and other observation systems is the need to overcome visibility reducing conditions such as: humidity, haze, fog, mist, smoke, dust, snow or rain that might be present in the space between the surveillance system and the target being observed. The particles or droplets reduces visibility in two ways; the first is the actual obscuring of what is behind the particle, and the other is the effect called “light scattering” caused by light reflection in the particles.

Both these effects increase with distance, especially when zooming in on a distant object. Even on what appears to be a fine and clear day, there will most certainly be enough haze or fog in the air to reduce contrast significantly.

Also, telephoto lenses have a narrow field of view, allowing bright light outside your image area to affect your image with flare, which reduces contrast.

All these effects are drastically reduced with LYYN products.


SubSea Inspection

LYYN provides real-time enhanced visibility to remote operations, shortening operation times and increasing quality of inspections and documentation. LYYN pushes the boundaries of underwater video usage.

Commercial diving

LYYN technology comes as stand-alone products that connect directly into the divers video feed. Just plug LYYN into your topside monitor and the diving supervisor and client will have a better view in real-time.

Security & Surveillance

Better decision making in situations with low visibility caused by low light or other visual disturbances like fog, rain, snow or dust

Traffic management

Driving down the cost and raising the quality of transportation, today

Maritime & Harbor Security

The marine environment is particularly harsh and unfriendly to remote monitoring. Fog, haze, rain and snow are common and usually the object you need to identify is distant.


Video finds many applications in the Airport and Aviation industries. LYYN® contributes to the operations, safety and security of the industry.