Maritime & Harbor Security

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Enhancing visibility in CCTV systems


The dock has to be monitored even in fog.

Every waterway presents unique safety and security challenges. Marine and atmospheric environments, local maritime laws and increasing vessel traffic all complicate the navigation of waterways, ports and rivers. Maritime borders must be protected from illegal immigration, drug traffic and environmental hazards. Fisheries and other natural resources are in danger of depletion. Cargo and passenger ships need to get to their intended destination safely and on schedule. Ships in distress need to be quickly found and assisted. Commercial and naval ports need protection from terrorist attack.

Many technologies are used to detect objects and possible threats, like radar and transponder systems. Advanced imaging technologies like IR and thermal cameras are widely used to gain as much visual information as possible. But there still remains the problem of visual identification of the detected objects. Then you need the color and details only provided by CCTV color cameras.

Atmospheric conditions


A white old steamer in fog. Not that easy to see…

The marine environment is particularly harsh and unfriendly to remote monitoring. Fog, haze, rain and snow are common and usually the object you need to identify is distant, maybe moving at high speed. Thermal imaging and IR has solved many problems and outperforms traditional CCTV cameras, but they still have their limitations, being monochrome and often with low resolution.

Another way to address visibility problems is to enhance the color image. LYYN® has developed real-time image enhancement algorithms that can give any CCTV system a real boost. The technology is proven with several hundred users worldwide, many being in the SubSea industry where there always are visibility problems. But this technology is equally useful in security & surveillance applications.

The viewing distance problem


Even on a supposedly clear day there is still haze, obscuring details on this ship.

Even on a clear day there is moisture in the air. Looking over great distances, for instance monitoring port entry, you need powerful zooms. The problem is that this compression of distance doesn’t remove the haze or fog; it actually amplifies the perception of it. Something LYYN® algorithms are exceptionally good at removing.

De-hazing IR cameras

IR camera with LYYN T38 as dehazer

IR camera with LYYN T38 as dehazer

Even though the LYYN algorithms are designed for color video we still have an interesting result on monochrome video. Probably the most interesting application is our ability to enhance IR imagery.

We have customers that claim that LYYN outperform the standard tools of the large IR camera manufacturers. Visit the customer case to read more.

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