Traffic management

Long distance view of road and cars in fog, outside LYYN office

Brisbane in red dust storm

Chinese road in rain, through car window

Bicycle in snow storm, outside LYYN office

Village road black-out

Dust storm covering bridge in Australia

The Ă–resund bridge and a ferry in light fog

RV parking in dust storm

CCTV cameras are one of the primary methods of monitoring traffic conditions and detecting incidents. CCTV cameras allow an operator at the traffic management center (TMC) to monitor traffic on both freeways and surface streets to determine the location of congestion and incidents. If an incident or heavy congestion occurs on a freeway, traffic can be diverted to a parallel surface street, and the timing of the signals on the surface street can be modified to provide more green time in the direction parallel to the freeway.

Conventional CCTV monitoring systems requires good visibility. In conditions of dense fog, snow, rain or airborne particles (smoke or dust), and at times of low natural illumination, the effectiveness of the system will be drastically reduced. Yet, it is precisely in these low-visibility conditions that the greatest need exists for reliable traffic monitoring, especially if the objective is the recognition of impending dangerous traffic situations.

LYYN offers a new solution to this problem. By integrating LYYN real-time video enhancement products into the existing video system visibility disturbances are reduced increasing management effectiveness and road safety.

The operator has many cameras to monitor meaning very little time per camera. Better visibility makes it easier and faster to understand and interpret the imagery leading to a rapid overview of network conditions. In all weather conditions.

Driving down the cost and raising the quality of transportation, today

Road and rail networks are the arteries that keep the heart of our modern society beating, and they are becoming more clogged every day. Freight and passenger traffic has doubled over the past 25 years. Congestion, pollution and the risks of accidents are on the increase, as are chemical and hazardous material transports.

All this puts increasing demands on Traffic Management Systems. They become more and more intelligent by the integration of new information and data. But in the end the operator needs a visual confirmation to make the right decisions, and that is limited by the CCTV system and the operator attention and experience. Enhancing the system with LYYN products is a very cost effective solution compared to replacing cameras and increasing number of operators.

What it means for motorists

There is a greater risk of incidents and accidents in foul weather. LYYN enhanced CCTV monitoring will provide significant benefits to road users:

  • Better images to the operator means improved response to incidents by the emergency services.
  • Major incidents and congestion are effectively monitored and managed. Rapid and accurate incident detection can provide significant reductions in delays due to incidents. In addition, the chances of secondary incidents or accidents occurring are reduced, providing significant improvements to road safety.
  • …safer roads in all weather conditions
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