All LYYN products are designed with some key words in mind:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Turn-key plug-n-play in existing systems
  • End user value for money

Common features
The technology is based on color video. Visibility is enhanced (particularly the possibility to see colors, movement and contours) in fog, haze, snow, dust, sand, low light, etc as well as under water and in medicinal applications.

Since the visibility disturbance might change quickly, for instance when the fog rolls in or when a light is switched on, the technology is designed to be self optimizing for each and every video frame. 25 times per second in PAL and 30 times per second in NTSC.

The products are both for real-time processing as well as post processing of stored material.

LYYN Hawk Portable™

LYYN Hawk Portable
LYYN Hawk Portable™ is the real-time lyynification™ solution for desktop as well as in the field applications.

  • Portable
  • 12V DC
  • Plug and play
  • Large knobs for ease of use
  • Software remote control

LYYN Hawk Board™

LYYN Hawk Board
The LYYN Hawk Board™ is the ideal solution for advanced users, product manufacturers and system integrators that want to have lyynification fully integrated into their own solution.

  • Analog PAL/NTSC video
  • Complete kit with all the necessary parts for simple plug-and-play integration
  • Standard control panel for manual control
  • Software remote control

LYYN Hawk System™

LYYN Hawk System

LYYN Hawk System is the 19” rack-mounted, real-time LYYN solution for analog CCTV systems

  • One viewer – many cameras
  • Cost efficient
  • 12 VDc
  • Simple plug and play integration
  • Software remote control

LYYN Griffin™

The LYYN® real-time video solution for hybrid CCTV networks, providing enhanced visibility as well as analog to digital encoding

  • Cost-effective upgrade
  • Simple integration
  • Encoding based on the Axis Q7401 Video Encoder
  • 12V DC
  • Software remote control


LYYN video enhancement for post processing on your iPad and iPhone.

  • Lyynify freely selectable rectangle
  • Lyynification scale from 1-16
  • Save processed video
  • Set start and end trim-points for recording
  • Take snapshots of video
  • Play/pause & Record/stop
  • Video scrubber

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